Saturday, June 19, 2010

Broken Glass

Broken shards, broken glass
Pain in life that will not pass
When in life we've fallen down
Who will come to lift our frown?
To lift us from our sorry state?
Such trials which come as if by fate
When we fall and skin our knee
Would you help? Or just stand free?
Would you lift us simply to stand?
A simple thing so high in demand
When we have fallen to the ground
We want help that we hope is found
But often for naught our hopes will be
Throughout all eternity
We do feel forgotten and lost
We have fallen, and now are tossed
Upon waves of stormy sea
Sea of life it seems to be
With all of life so sad and down
Won't you try to lift our frown?
All we ask for you to be
Is just a friend-oh can't you see?
The answer true it's always there
Though you feel all life's not fair
But with a friend you can conquer all!
Even when sometimes you fall
The broken glass within your soul
It will leave, to make you whole
Because true friends will heal your heart
And surely will never from you part
They'll be there to the very end
And when you fall-lift you up again

Background Story:
When I wrote this poem, I was originally frustrated at my friends for the latest argument they were in. They were best friends, and yet, they were fighting. Again. I didn't know what to do about it, and I was very upset about their silly argument. However, as I wrote this poem, I began to feel better about their argument. I felt at peace that the argument would soon be over, and that everything would work out. Somehow, this poem turned from a poem of frustration to a poem about how I knew that I could depend on my friends.

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