Monday, June 14, 2010

Elephant in the Living Room

Look! There is an elephant!
It's in my living room!
Can you see the elephant?
Maybe you'll see it soon

That elephant is so big!
How can you even breathe?
It takes up so much space!
No air for you, I see

Oh what a silly elephant!
Dancing and playing around
Knocking into everyone
No space that can be found

How can't you see the elephant?
He's bigger every day!
Won't you ever mention him?
He is so loud-hear his bray

How can't you hear that elephant?
He is so loud-I can't hear
A single word you're saying
He's braying in my ear.

Will you not mention my elephant?
He's taking up all the space
I cannot seem to understand
Why the elephant's in this place

Won't you mention the elephant
That's in my living room?
If you'd simply mention him
He'd bray another tune

Maybe if you mention him
He will go away
Even though I'll miss him
I sure won't miss his bray

He might go to another room
To take up all their space
Maybe they might also wonder
Why he's in their place

But you know that elephant
He's in your living room
Identical to my very own
An elephant braying his tune

Don't be afraid to mention
The elephant, 'cause he's there
This one simple elephant
Will stay until you care

Background Story:
My friend Joel would often tell me about his elephant. It's in his living room, well in his entire house actually. It's a very nice elephant, and somehow, the rest of his family doesn't happen to notice that it's there. I would hear random braying noises on occasion when nothing else was being said. It was a good conversation starter, as I could then ask about his elephant. It became a joke, another way to play around. Yet it got me thinking, about the original phrase-an elephant in the living room. It seemed appropriate to write about this concept with the angle of the joke between me and my friend, then compare it to the original phrase.

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