Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fred The Sign

I walked to a sign for a silly dare
Dancing and walking, without a care
I knocked on the sign, wondering why
My friends thought it funny, as I started with "Hi"
And so I kept talking, with laughs all around
For laughter was fun, a wonderful sound
I asked the sign questions, like what was it's name
Then suddenly jumped when my responses all came
The sign started speaking! It said it was Fred
A lonely young sign, or so the sign said
The laughter was gone, my friends ran away
I turned and I looked, then heard the sign say
"Will you not stay and talk with me more?
Though you're just one, and once there was four,"
And so I did stay, and talked with the sign
Next to the road, I sat for a time
Thoughtfully there, as the sun dimmed to dark
I thought of the day, and what was the mark?
Just what effect had it all had?
Thinking of this, I began to be sad
No one would care, or think this was true
Who could I tell? Could I even tell you?
Today had been good, completely, all new
Not the first thing to think I'd go through
But maybe that helped in making it good
I think that young Fred was gladly understood
And still I do go to the road with this sign
I talk with young Fred, on days that are fine
Always it's fun, and always I'll smile
I have a friend, to talk all the while.

Background Story:
I was very upset at my friends for having told me that I was writing too much depressed poetry, and I was determined to show them that I could write something that was not depressed. I tried for awhile to think of an idea of something silly, random, and fun that could not in any way be seen as "depressed". The idea of talking to a sign, like a stop sign, had been sitting in my head for about a week, but I could not get myself to pick up a pen and start writing. However, once I had started writing, there was no stopping. It almost felt as if I wasn't writing this poem, that it was writing itself. I was merely the conduit whereby words could be written on the paper. I came up with rhymes that fit, the words kept going, the story unfolding. This poem is one of my favorites ever because it feels so unreal.

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