Monday, June 14, 2010

A Flock of Flying Turtles

A flock of turtles! A flock of turtles!
They might say to you
When they are trying to distract you
From what is really true

You turn around in amazement,
Expecting to actually find
The flock of turtles! The flock of turtles!
It's hanging in your mind

But when you turn around
In complete shock you find
There are no turtles, there are no turtles
It was just a lie

They say that you are gullible
Your friends, they say to you,
Turtles can't fly, you know it's a lie
It's sad, but maybe true

They said that turtles were there!
Even though turtles can't fly-
They dissapeared! They dissapeared!
These turtles magically go "bye".

Turtles in the air!
You know it cannot be
This make-believe tale, it's a very fun sale-
Turtles in the air isn't make-believe

Even though the turtles
Might not have been there
You still will believe, turtles could be
Flying through the air

"Turtles in the air!"
They'll always say to you
Though turtles can't fly, you will always try
To see them, say they flew

For turtles might be slow,
And maybe so are you-
But flying through air, a miracle to spare!
They're fast, flying true

You know this little story
Might not really be true
But isn't it fun, what we've begun
With turtles flying behind you?

Background Story:
My friend Emily is a very random creature. She and a couple other friends came up with this joke about a flock of flying turtles. I didn't know about the beginning of this joke, however I saw the effects when, in lunch, someone would tell Emily, "Look! A flock of flying turtles!". She would invariably go look for the turtles. It was the funniest joke ever. Usually, someone would also take this opportunity to take something out of her lunch. I loved the joke about the flock of flying turtles, and thought long and hard about it, then wrote this poem on that joke.

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