Saturday, June 19, 2010

Season's Reasons

The winds and torrents of miraculous white
Shining bright in the dreary night
Full of fluff and slush, the snow
Marks the winter's pass and go

Rain dripping down from the sky
Marks that spring is coming by
Snow is melting, going away
Grass regrowing, here to stay

Sun is shining, bright in the day
Warm currents surrounding us, we play
Joy that comes when summer's here
We hold to it while warmth is near

Leaves are falling from the tree
Red, and gold, and brown we see
Autumn has come with winds and chills
But with it comes fun and thrills

The cycle repeats with snow and cold
Ending the year as it has of old
For opposites must ever be
So we can enjoy the good, the free

Background Story:
I have mixed feelings about winter. Winter is a beautiful season, yet it is so very cold. It is a season that I have written a lot about, however, because of it's great beauty and splendor. I was thinking about all the seasons as I wrote this poem, yet I felt a particular push to make it a cycle of the different seasons. I especially like the last two lines of the poem, because they hint at more than just the idea of winter as summer's opposite. It refers to more than just a single opposite, it makes me think of all opposition in life.

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