Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making You You

Standing alone, you feel that you are
Experiences that may take you out far
Away from the world, to making you you
Helping you learn, to learn to be true

True to yourself, true to your life
Standing above trials and strife
Though you may feel that you are alone
Search, and you'll see how you've truly grown

Learn from mistakes, and you will be found
Unique as a person, both feet on the ground
Or even if not, in Heaven we'll see
A child of God, you are, just as we.

Background Story:
I was contemplating a quote, "No man is an island" when I wrote this poem. Originally, I wanted to write about how the quote was wrong. Somehow, the message that was written turned out entirely fifferent than my original intent. Instead, I found myself looking at a perfect message for the upcoming camp theme-Making You You. Just like the poem title ended up being.

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