Monday, June 14, 2010


There is always someone
Who is always there
That no one ever sees
No one seems to care

Moving masses, different paths
Unconscious passing by
No one takes the time to see
The tears or sadness-why?

To them she is invisible,
A creature of her own
None can see or understand
Or even see her groan

The teacher doesn't even see
The simple raise of hand
A signal, that they all knew
Still none did understand

The simple silent cry for help
Or note in soda can
They didn't see how sadness hurt
Their help just ran and ran

Her tear streaked face was nothing like
What it used to be
They had all forgotten
What this girl set free

Once before, she saved them all
The brightest one around
A shining star with every right
She flew above the ground

Now, go look at who she is
But will you even see?
Now very different from what she'd been
Now silent as a tree

Overwhelmed she soon became
From helping without gain
She tried to give her love to all
But all she got was pain

And when she stopped and didn't help
They went on fine without
She was thus invisible
No purpose, now all doubt

Background story:
I have often felt like the girl described in this poem. However, I know that I do not suffer from the same issues as this girl does. I have good friends, and I am not invisible to the people around me. However, this poem applies to too many people in society. I wrote it as an act of frustration after a busy class where I was raising my hand for help for a long time, without aknowledgement from the teacher. This was only because the class was so large, that in the allotted time, it was impossible to get to all the students to help each out. Still, I felt ignored, and to some extent, invisible, because of this unintentional treatment.

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