Monday, June 14, 2010


Tears are spouting from everywhere
Make up smearing and more to share
Just all from this simple thing
From which tears are sure to bring

Torrents of rain fall from my eyes
I truly wish that tears had lies
For if they did maybe others won't see
When I'm sad or otherwise be

For tears will show without a doubt
That something's wrong, and something's about
So everyone worries, and asks, "what's wrong?"
But I won't tell, for feelings are yet strong

I'm overwhelmed, not sure what to do
Pain is hurting through and through
Heart is sore, and I am hurt
I truly feel as low as dirt

I have been hurt, and everyone can see
Still I wish it would not be
Such a hurt to cause such tears
They would reveal all my fears

Fears hidden down deep inside
Though these tears are hard to hide
When my tears give them away
I won't know just what to say

Background story:
After a long week with multiple instances of crying, I felt bad about worrying my friends about what was going on with me. I had simply been having a bad week, yet it had been enough to make me shed a lot of tears. This bad week helped me to realize that sometimes, when you see someone who has obviously been crying, they can't tell you what is wrong. Sometimes, memories are too recent to express.

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